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Nanpa school

This guy is truly a man among men. He teaches a class in Japan on how to pick up women:

“I always teach my students that sex comes first,” he says. “Then you figure out whether the woman is worth marrying later.”

Bonus points: his technique even got a 26 year old virgin named Hachioji Robocop laid!



It’s official – USA canceled The 4400. On Joel Gretsch‘s birthday no less.

To add insult to injury, I was in the middle of writing “at least Journeyman is still on” when I decided I should verify that, and lo and behold NBC declined to renew it for the full season. That means it’s effectively canceled, which sucks because it was just starting to get good. How cool was it that he accidentally dropped his cell phone in 1984 and came back to find his son had become his daughter? There were so many possibilities for crazy, unintended-consequences situations like that.

You know… Joel Gretsch played the main character’s father in one episode of Journeyman, and he was a central character in The 4400. Both shows were about time travel. Both met their end in the same month, with one officially axed on Joel’s birthday.

Let the conspiracy theories begin!
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John Bolton is the Lorax

John Bolton

John Bolton
Former UN Ambassador
Current Douchebag

The Lorax

The Lorax
Former Seuss Groupie
Current malcontent


Video clips of cats falling, dumbasses, fat people, and monkeys, backed by a Taproot soundtrack. Quite probably the most important montage of our time.


I just noticed something:


NYPD Blue superstar Dennis Franz


Aqua Teen Hunger Force superstar Carl


Courtney Spears

I rarely pay attention to pop culture but it’s hard to follow the news and not be bombarded by Britney Spears’ daily transgressions against humanity.  It occurred to me this morning that she must be auditioning for the part of her life – Generation Y’s Courtney Love.  All I can say is that crank must be some seriously incredible stuff to cause you to let yourself go the way they both have.