Note to Self

If anyone questions (again) why I would not consider voting for John McCain for president, it’s this.

He genuinely appeared to earn his “maverick” title in 2000.  He said things that made sense, even when they weren’t popular, and he gave people a sense that he valued, well, values over politics.  Since Al Gore was still a wooden stick figure back then, it’s quite likely I would have voted for McCain had he not been sabotaged by the Bush campaign in the South Carolina primary.

In the intervening years, unfortunately, he has relinquished any claim to his independence.  He has joined the ranks of the Party Over Country Republicans, voting against what I can only assume is his conscience (although perhaps he’s lost that too).  It was less than a year ago that he voted against another anti-torture bill only to remain silent while the president slipped another of his “this doesn’t apply to me” signing statements into it.  Now that he’s trying to capture the far right vote he has abandoned even that thin veneer of the appearance of moral certitude. He’s in full pander mode now, willing to say or do anything necessary to attract the votes of people who think gay marriage is the biggest problem our country faces.

So that’s it in a nutshell.  The Republican party is in a dangerous state of groupthink right now, and the result is the present state of affairs in our country.  I’ll be glad to consider them again for positions of leadership once they demonstrate that they’ve turned over a new leaf.  In the meantime, I’m not holding my breath.


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  1. Charlotte on

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